Business Brand Naming & Tag lines, Northern Beaches

Your business name is more than just a name ‘ it’s who you are, so choosing a name for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Great company or product names are advertisements in themselves. They differentiate you from competitors making an emotional connection with your audience by igniting positive perceptions. A great business name is also one of the best ways to define the personality of your brand. My strategic and creative copywriter will ensure to find your business a memorable name which will capture the essence and soul of your business.

My Copywriter loves the old-fashioned process of using the creative depths of our minds, books, other languages, and associations to harvest the perfect name for your business. She has the insight, the intuition, and the finger on the pulse of contemporary language to deliver to you product, brand and slogan copy writing that leaves its (bite) mark.

Creative Central also has partnerships with leading intellectual property lawyers who can have your shortlisted names trademark and copyright checked for legitimacy and effectiveness of usage in their target geographic territories and market sectors.

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