Affordable and Beautiful Brochure Design in Sydney

Brochure design is a great way to create an impact. Nothing can beat the initial impact of a well-designed and memorable brochure.

We create brochures that have the appropriate design and copy to correctly position your company in the marketplace, and to communicate clearly to your target markets – business or consumer.

Our Sydney brochure design services include copywriting, photography or stock photography, illustration, layout, and printing.  Our Sydney brochure designers know how to best present your products and services to your target market.

Whether the end product is a simple leaflet, a glossy booklet, or a full catalogue, we know brochures! Our copywriters first ensure the text is persuasive. They then turn the project over to the designers. Each of our designers are skilled in illustration, sourcing stock photos, and retouching client-supplied pictures, for the most compelling graphics. Their eye-catching layouts turn words and images into a hard-working sales tool.

For powerful brochure design solutions with outstanding brand awareness get in contact or view our graphic portfolio our work speaks for itself.

Tips for a Killer Brochure

Two Functions

Brochures, similar to websites, are invitations for people to interact and get to know your brand. As such, a brochure really serves one of two main functions:

ONE: Attract general but targeted attention (i.e., are you just trying to get the word out about your brand, business or service?)

TWO: Or provide information to those who’ve requested it (i.e., are you providing more detailed information about a specific product or aspect of your business to those who may have heard about you?).

Determining which function is critical in order to help your design and copywriting team really nail your message.

There are a lot of things that go into a successful brochure that will directly impact your budget: design fees, copywriting fees, printing costs, mailing fees (if you’re planning on mailing it), photography costs, etc. Getting an idea of these things up front and early in the process will go a long way toward achieving the right brochure. Asking your designer or preferred printer about paper stock, folding options, colour options and all those little printing nuances is not a bad idea. The more research you can do on costs up front can allow you and your design team to focus on the message and layout when it’s time to get down to it. A really good idea is to collect a variety of examples of brochures you like. The key there is variety. There are puh-lenty of tri-fold brochures – does yours have to be one too?

Like on the web, throwing the majority of your budget on look and feel (which would be design and printing in this case) isn’t going to get you the results you hope for. The content of your brochure – that is, the copy/text – is what’s really going to push your message further by enticing and persuading. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best, most creative design in the world has little value if the copy in it isn’t as strong or stronger. Your content should reflect a clear message and purpose. Focusing on too many aspects of your business (all your offerings plus anything else you can cram in) can break the flow of the content and really derail its objective. Hiring a professional copywriter is probably a good decision here.