Mobile Friendly eCommerce & Online Stores

I don’t build e-commerce web sites for clients I build them for your customers and their mobile devices.

I tackle ecommerce website design the same way as any other design and build project. I do my homework, so I understand your market, competitors, goals, processes, and most importantly, your customers. Once I’ve decided on a plan, I’ll determine the right tools and technologies for the job and develop a site that is well worth the investment.

The complexity and cost will depend completely on the number and types of features you want built in, and the number and types of products you intend to sell. Your new ecommerce solution will be tuned to your current requirements and scalable so that it grows with your business yet customised with the design, features, content and reporting tools to make it unique. Once you’re ready to move, I’ll manage the development of your new e-commerce website through every stage from the initial brief to accepting your first payments.

What features can be included in your e-commerce website?

Your e-commerce website will be fully responsive to mobile devices and customised to your specific requirements, so I haven’t got room to list out every possible feature. But here’s a list of the elements that most clients request:

  • Unlimited products
  • Storefront options e.g. featured and ‘related’ product promotion
  • Search facilities by brand or product type
  • Product options e.g. size and quantity choices, multiple images including variants
  • Variable pricing, discounting and offers
  • Multiple options for order processing and shipping
  • Secure online payments with a range of payment gateway providers

For inquiries about our eCommerce services, or estimates on an upcoming web design project – please contact me in which ever way suits you best.