Internet and Online Marketing

Internet marketing is now at the core of most modern day business, which you simply cannot ignore. It is the future of world wide commerce, communications and human interaction.

Embracing online marketing can be a daunting task whether you’re new to it or looking to re-structure an existing campaign. Organisations are dependent on their online presence and it is imperative that any modification of an online marketing strategy has minimal or no impact on daily business routines.

We carefully review and plan an online marketing strategy to ensure we can move you smoothly and efficiently forward to a productive solution

We have separated these solutions into four sections:

  • Get high rankings on Google – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paying for online presence. Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Promote your website. eMail Marketing
  • Social media. Viral marketing. Increased brand awareness

You are probably being bombarded daily with emails like “blast your web site to billions” and “top search engine rankings in 10 days guaranteed”, if it was only so easy. On the internet you will find tens of thousands suggestions on web site marketing strategies, but the good news is, there are only a small handful of web site marketing strategies that really work, and these are all you need.

Below we have listed theses web site marketing strategies that will drive traffic to your website:-

Search Engine Optimisation

  • SEO Friendly Website Design
  • Key Word Research
  • Back & Link Building
  • Forums and Blogs
  • Articles
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Copywriting

Pay Per Click

Our pay per click and Google Adwords optimisation services will deliver traffic to your website instantly, helping your business attract new customers.

Email Marketing

Drive direct sales for high octane results! Get traffic moving in your direction – email marketing precisely targets your niche customers, increasing revenue at little to no cost!

Social Media Marketing

Maintaining customer awareness, reinforcing brand position, repeating visitor traffic and keeping customer loyalty! These are the vital actions you must take to ensure you stay in business.


If your website content isn’t properly optimised, your SERP (search engine ranking position) will be poor. So we’ll research keywords to discover the terms that people searching for products like yours are using. Then we’ll completely rewrite each page of your site, providing new title and description tags, ensuring that your keywords appear in the content at the right points.