When a client asks me to design their business logo, they are entrusting me with a vital part of their business identity. The process may take weeks or months to complete and requires an orderly plan. The following is the process I use when designing a logo Identity.


In order to create a successful logo design that identifies your business, I need to understand your goals. Thus, at the beginning of the process I provide you (the client) with a Logo Design Creative Brief – a questionnaire that allows me to “get inside your head.” The initial questions provide an overall understanding of the project. Based on the initial responses I often pose additional questions specific to the job at hand.


I then research your company and your competitors to better understand their market presence. If you provided reference materials, I study them and immerse myself in this research to acquire as much knowledge as possible.


Developing the logo design concept(s) is where creativity comes into play, this is where I must create the logo by using the design brief and the research conducted. I always sketch ideas on paper before jumping on to the computer. Sketching allows me to quickly jot down ideas without committing. It allows greater freedom to truly brainstorm ideas.


Once I have executed a few sketches that I feel are effective and have real potential, I’ll scan them and begin working in Adobe Illustrator. At this stage, colour doesn’t play a part. A logo must be successful in its black-and-white version as well as in colour. I’ll tweak and refine, then experiment with typefaces. If the logo is purely typographical, I’ll play with letterforms

Of the many ideas formed, a number of concepts (depending on your chosen package) will be chosen to present to your business. Throughout the development process, as a result of your feedback, I will refine the logo. This step often inspires new directions and ideas.  Typically I work through three to six rounds of feedback and refinement.


Once you are happy with a design solution and have found a winner, I’ll make final changes and refinements.

I’ll provide you with mock-ups of the logo on their desired end products: website, stationery, car signage, or on-site signage. Often, I am designing or re-designing an entire brand identity for the client that will include a website and stationery, signage, and marketing materials.


I then provide you with a number of files in full colour and black and white. Listed below are the file types we supply, each serving a different purpose.

An EPS file is a scalable vector file, which basically means it can be enlarged or reduced without quality loss. This file can be used in business cards, brochures, large signs, advertisements, etc.

JPEG and GIF files cannot be scaled. However, they work very well online in websites and email signatures. They are small files that load quickly on the web while staying sharp. The files I provide are typically larger than needed so the client can later reduce them to the desired size.

TIFF is higher quality file than a JPEG or GIF, but is not a scalable vector like an EPS. A TIFF can be used in everyday printing such as letterhead or invoices.


Once the final files have been delivered, you and I can celebrate our joint efforts! It’s usually at about this time, once I have had a chance to prove myself, that clients ask me to quote on stationery, websites, brochures marketing etc. etc. After all, logos only really work when they are applied to something and the way in which they are applied can have a startling contribution.

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