Packaging Process

Producing quality packaging requires attention to detail, quality control procedures before, during and after the production and most importantly; the right choice of materials.

We have ensured that these processes are implemented in our partner factories;

- We have pre-sourced the components to produce beautiful packaging
- We ship 1000’s of containers a year saving costs on sea or road freight into Australia
- We prepare all the art works and produce pre-production samples prior to order
- We manage the production and the timelines to ours and the clients expectations
- We store and distribute packaging on behalf of clients requirements

What this means for our clients is that they can be confident that they are buying  packaging competitively, responsibly and to the highest standards.

Below is a typical example of the workflow or one of our projects:

Stage 1 – Receive the brief from a client
Stage 2 – Supply costs for approval
Stage 3 – Prepare artworks for sampling
Stage 4 – Produce pre-production samples for approval
Stage 5 – Review final production
Stage 6 – Production begins
Stage 7 – 1st Quality Control Inspection
Stage 8 – Production completes
Stage 9 – 2nd Quality Control Inspection
Stage 10 – Ship goods from Factory to Wrapology warehouse
Stage 11 – 3rd Quality Control Inspection
Stage 12 – Store or distribute goods to client

Productions generally take 4 weeks and 3 weeks for samples. Depending on the point of manufacture transit times can take between 2 to 35 days.

Should your brand require documentation of our factory audits or our quality control procedure, this is available on request.

To request our studio rate card or find out more, please contact us.