Website Redesign

Is your current website getting a little embarrassing?

If your website is NOT mobile friendly, is outdated, poorly designed, difficult to read and navigate AND does not have recent, relevant information then it’s more than its doing your business more harm than good.

My website redesigning process makes sure we get you started off on the right track from the very first step.

A redesign can be a huge success — or a total flop . It can also be a long and tedious undertaking, which is why every redesign needs to start with a clear vision and/or problem to solve. And the better we help you define that vision from the very first step the more successful your website redesign will be — and the smoother the entire process will be as well.

Before I even get started on your re-design I’ll go over these 6 very important steps with you..

Step 1: Determine Your Website Redesign Goals

•    Increasing number of visits/visitors
•    Reducing bounce rate
•    Increasing time on site
•    Improving domain authority
•    Increasing number of new leads/form submissions
•    Increasing total amount of sales generated
•    Enhancing current SEO rankings for important keywords

Step 2: Define Your Branding & Messaging

Before I begin crafting your new website design and content, you need to be crystal clear about your desired branding, messaging, and your unique value proposition so it’s consistent across your entire website.

Step 3: Define Your Target Market

Clearly identify your buyer persona’s so I can help you shape your website redesign strategy around the website visitors that matter most to you.

Step 4: Protect Your Search Engine Optimised Pages

Document your most search-valued pages. Create a 401 redirect strategy and help you with your keyword research.

Step 5: Analyse the Competition

While I don’t recommend obsessing over your competitors, it can help to know how you compare.

Contact me and request our helpful guide and worksheet that can help you get started on the website redesign process. I’m here to help you every step of the way!