Sandstone Sculpture by CREATIVE CENTRALS’ Creative Director

Sandstone Sculpture by CREATIVE CENTRALS’ Creative Director

Christophe Conder, the founder and director of the rewound brand design and communications business CREATIVE CENTRAL has recently unearthed his hammer and chisels to revisit his early interests in carving sandstone.

Christophe’s early interest in sculpture began in Soapstone from the age of 12, and was introduced to the medium of sandstone by his French born mother and sculptor, who, herself, had been fortunate enough to receive invaluable tuition from her neighbour and well-known Sydney sculptor, the late Mitzi McColl,  and although completing many clay, hebel stone and award winning sandstone works during his school years, Christophe’s talent remained dormant thereafter for many years through the life distractions of career, travel, and family.

Christophe’s work has been acquired by discerning collectors throughout Sydney and has exhibited many of his works around the public arena including the Parliament House Sydney, The Sydney Domain, The Royal Easter Show, The Australia Square Building, and Darling Park. He has also won an array of awards and recommendations.

Christophe chooses to work from natural Australian sandstone, handpicked from Gosford and Bundanoon quarries; he has a very strong connection with the stone and mentions

… “The quality of stones I acquire hold a rich mixture of white, tan/yellowish, pink and beige tones, embedded with heavy iron bands of grain which I attempt to unveil and celebrate in all my pieces…. Sandstone holds many aesthetically pleasing qualities that i admire. I love the raw physical nature of sandstone, it’s colour, it’s texture, touch, durability and the historic history and connection it holds with the earth ” …

Sandstone enables the smooth, simplified forms, subtle curves, flowing lines and rounded surfaces found in Christophe’s abstract works, and there are also many variations and combinations of textures waiting to be touched in his pieces.  These textures include naturally weathered, frosted by chisels, rasped rough and polished smooth. Christophe has clues about the attributes of any given stone before he starts to sculpt it, but its full beauty and unique grains and characteristics are often not revealed until the sculpture nears completion.

Other than his most admired artists Brancusi, Henry More and Barbara Hepworth, Christophe draws his inspiration from his fascination with the female form and the way he sees and interacts with the natural landscapes he grew up amongst across Sydney’s foreshores and national parks.

Christophe’s work can be seen on his personal website;-

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